He hit so hard I saw stars.

***Disclaimer Alert! Zelda wrote the following poemlogue very late at night.***

I must admit that I read Viv’s most recent poem (Welcome back, Viv! O, we have missed you so!) before her poemlogue, and my mind immediately zoomed into the following words: “See Ruby / fall.” And I immediately thought of Kenny Rogers singing “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town.” And I wondered what would have happened in that song had he actually been able to move and get his gun and put Ruby in the ground. Well, I guess Ruby would have fallen.

And then I found the following video of Kenny Rogers singing “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town” in 1972. It is most fabulous! Not only does Kenny Rogers look just like the next door neighbor I had during my childhood (who was a trucker. a trucker! awesome!), but he also looks EXACTLY like Kurt Russell did in Overboard — a most fashionable movie (movie of fashion). I will not reveal to you, Dear Reader, how many times I have seen Overboard, for this poemlogue is not one in which I reveal secrets.

And, as a shoutout to Earth Day, I give you the following quote from an interview with the Most Fashionable Guitarist Ever, Slash:

“People need to think more about the loss of energy and actually do something about it. For me, I try to turn off the faucet when I am brushing my teeth and I try and remember to close the refrigerator door.”

Well said, Slash. Well. Said.

My redefining

[began with a very fashionable diamond heart necklace.]


12 Responses to He hit so hard I saw stars.

  1. williamhwandless says:

    For this you shall wake to orange Tic Tacs and the gratitude of my people. What we lack in inventiveness we make up for in carnauba wax.

  2. William: Yes, yes, yes! I have been waiting almost THIS ENTIRE MONTH to receive the Blessing of the Orange Tic Tac. In fact, look for the Glory of the Orange Tic Tac — and carnauba wax — in poems to come. Fabulous!

  3. roy says:

    Everybody in their car needs love. Car love. Meat love.

    I think I prefer the meat love ones to the car love ones, but I am grateful for the absence of crotch-rocket love today.

    Scariest K. Rogers video is “Just stopped in to see what condition my condition was in.”

  4. Roy: Chicken love. Magnolia love. AHAHA. Can you tell I’ve recently read Deepstep?

    I see your point regarding crotch rockets. But you CANNOT tell me that breaking after the word “crotch” wasn’t MAGNIFICENT! YOU CANNOT!

    My fast car obsessions wax and wane with the moon. My apologies that these aforementioned obsessions are waxing at present! 😀

    I concur with your opinion on The Scariest Kenny Rogers Video of All Time. In fact, I put a link to this video in the previous sentence, for I truly believe everyone should see how scary it is. It’s like Hee Haw in some Alternate Universe of Very Scary Things that Will Give One Nightmares for the Rest of One’s Life.

  5. jessiecarty says:

    How fashionable and fabulous to find some Kenny Rogers (before his odd plastic surgery). Just the other day my husband made a joke about the line “you picked a bad time to leave me Lucille” to which he earned me singing the majority of the lyrics at him! Ha, pick on us of redneck heritage just you try.

    My stepfather was a truck driver 🙂 Goat. And our neighbor was Goose. Really. And yes I have a poem about truckers just not a NaPoem.

  6. roy says:

    Of course I counted on you getting a Deepstep reference! Wrt crotch- / rocket, well I am embarrassed to admit that I let being grossed out interfere with my appreciation of poetic form. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

    As a child I thought that Lucille had left Kenny with “four hundred children and a crop in the field.”

  7. K. says:

    Awesome and inspiring…

    I wish I had the gift of words, as you do.

  8. Do not worry, Jessie! I shall not pick on you on account of your heritage. As you can probably tell from my “poems,” I’ve plenty of redneck in my heritage as well. Also Kenny Rogers, Merle Haggard, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, etc., etc., on my iPod. In my Most Secret of Secret Playlists, of course. Ha! And 18-wheelers and truckers and CB radios ride in and out of my poems, too. Goat and Goose? Awesome!

    Roy! That was just the term we used to separate the Harleys from the superfast Yamahas and Suzukis and other street bikes. I can see how looking at it as just a gross word is, well, gross. Yes: appreciate poetic form! Appreciate it! Ha! And if I had 400 children, I would have left Kenny, too.

  9. K. says:

    … are we speaking of crotch rockets??!

    That’s an awesome term.

    K. loves crotch rockets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. roy says:

    Zel, “just” the term you used? Surely in a poem you expect people to notice both the tenor and the, er, vehicle. It’s a wonderful word, bringing out in assonant and pungent splendor the basic penis-extending function of such machines.

  11. Point taken, Roy. Point. Taken.

    But the intensity of NaPoWriMoFa (National Poetry Writing Month of Fashion) is taking its toll! Things are slipping past Zelda! Zelda is going insane!

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